Handmade electric Guitars

The Idea

The idea which originated batraci guitars,is the development on the sound of the electric guitar
As a guitar player and luthier,i wanted to combine in one instrument the sound of a solid body and a semi hollow guitar, feeling the need to make an instrument which can give a wide variety of tones. My intention was to manage this without digital media and only by analogical way. After a lot of thinking and experimentation i came up with idea of the variable sound box.

The patent

I create an empty space alongside the upper side of the guitar,in which a matching piece of wood with a handle can move in and out by a mechanical way.In the closed position the guitar acts like a 100% solidbody guitar and its tone is fat,round,compressed and snappy with a notably clear sound where you can easily hear the note separation even when playing loud and hard.

Moving the ”matching piece of wood” in the opposite gradually releases more space in the sound box giving a sound louder(even unplugged)more ”airy” uncompressed and open which in the end reaches the level of the semi hollow guitar.
Between the closed and the open position there are several inbetween positions which can give a wide variety of timbre.
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